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You CAN enjoy the entrepreneur roller coaster!

https://vimeo.com/216588462 Being an entrepreneur has it's ups and downs. But, with the proper mindset, you can enjoy the entrepreneur roller coaster! It's not about how tough you are. It simply comes down to how committed you are to serving the needs of others. Once you can get that picture clear in your mind, the stress and anxiety of being an entrepreneur will lift. The problem is usually us. Not our clients. It's how we perceive things as reality that often sets the course for how our journey will turn out. The last thing anyone wants to be around is a negative person. But dealing with the ups and downs of the unknown variables of the entrepreneurial can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned veterans of us. The fact is, believe it or not, it's the unpredictability to the journey that you love. That's right. The very thing you hate sometimes about the unknown variables of being an entrepreneur are the very things that keep you hooked on the possibility to achieving your dream. Because vision is timeless. And it's yours. Decide who it is you want to serve and "voila", the stress of the unknown will melt away. That's what my good friend discovered when he called me with a cloud over his head. Seems he was experiencing the downward spiral of the roller coaster. When I picked up the phone, I knew something was wrong. Us entrepreneurs have a sense about these things. Anyway, it turned out that my entrepreneur buddy had got sucked into the belief that he may have made a big mistake pursuing this entrepreneur thing. It happens. But when I reminded him of the…
May 8, 2017