Commitment mindset defines us

By November 11, 2016November 12th, 2016Mindset
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Commitment in life is often translated by what we do. Not what we say we will do. The only way you are going to do what you say you are going to do, is to start with a mental commitment to do so. In effect, having a commitment mindset defines us.

It sounds pretty basic right? But we are so distracted in our society today. Its very hard to stay committed- even though we really want to.

It starts with a mindset of committal. That mindset of committal is very different than just saying you are going to do something. That mindset starts with intention. That you are actually committing to something bigger than yourself. Something so much bigger that you may even have an effect on the world around you in a way you never thought possible.

My vision is to encourage entrepreneurs to live their dreams. If I can help just one entrepreneur to live their dream, I know the exponential effect that will have on others will change the world, just one dream at a time.

You may think that’s crazy or even impossible, but 12 disciples changed the course of history! So be encouraged and start with a mindset that you are going to commit to something bigger than yourself today!

Next, write it down and watch the process of commitment unfold. Writing down what you are going to do is extremely powerful and will initiate action on a psychological level you never thought possible.