Excellence Inhibits Your Genius

By October 21, 2016October 22nd, 2016Mindset

You may be really good at what you do for a living.  In fact, you may be excellent at it.

Being excellent at something has its merits. Your boss may love you. Your peers and customers rave about you. You may even like your chosen job or business you started. You may even get paid well for it.

But did you realize that your excellence is holding you back from your genius?

Operating from that place of genius is  that place where you are in “the zone” and are able to do things like no one else around you. It’s where you are able to operate with a level of creativity that delivers so much value to those around you that you often wonder deep down why you don’t have more time to operate from that place.

Most of us spend years in a certain job/career or even start a business with an eye towards accomplishing an end. For many, they even get really good at what they do- perhaps even excellent. But the ability to function at a level of genius is fleeting at best (if ever).

Operating from your genius is what you were created to do. The problem is, most of us never slow down to take stock of what our genius really even is.

The clues for our genius are all around us. The best place to start to piece the puzzle together is to ask others what they think you are a genius at.

Don’t be shy! We all have a genius ability. If you can’t get past the fear of even thinking about asking a trusted friend or loved one to tell you what they think you are a genius at, then consider this- the answer is not for you. It’s for the rest of us!

Imagine beng able to operate from that place of genius each and every day, of what you were created for, of what you love to do, even for 10 minutes more than you do now. How different would your life be? How different would the lives of others in your life be? How different would the world be?

Those are questions I wrestle with even in my own life. It’s why I left the world of being a Financial Advisor and became a marketing coach to Financial Advisors. Because I have a deeper calling. I knew I was an excellent Financial Advisor. But I came to a cross roads and made a decision to leave it all behind and take the road less travelled. I found that I just didn’t have the passion for the job, even though I was excellent at my job and how I helped my clients.

The problem was, I was not operating in  my genius.

When we don’t operate in our genius and simply stay in that zone of excellence, we are in fact stifling the very gift that each of us has and were created to share with the world.

The fact is, when I looked at my life, I realized that the evidence was very clear that my genius is in helping raise  leaders into their calling. Combined with my love of everything having to do with leaders who are entrepreneurs, for me, the answer was clear. I needed to start with giving back to the industry that had blessed me with so much and help people who, just like me, may be trapped in their zone of excellence.

Helping Financial Advisors to operate from their level of genius would allow them to live lives that they could be passionate about, a life where they are living their dreams. If I could get Financial Advisors to get passionate about living their own dreams, then they could operate from a place of helping their clients do the same.

In effect, I would be helping to change the world, just one dream at a time.

So this weekend, think about whose life you could change by operating in your genius. You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Believe me, it will be a rewarding experience for you and those you ask to help you discover your genius.

Because, the truth is, the world needs you to be living your genius!