FLOW: When everything is easy

By September 15, 2016October 22nd, 2016Mindset

Flow…it’s one of those sensations we get when everything just seems sooo easy. Can you remember a time recently when you have had one of those moments? That type of moment when there was no anxiety, no pressure, just an easy and calmness that you operated from and were just full of joy in that moment, no matter what it was you were doing?

Its almost impossible to put into mere words the simplicity of that moment, yet the complexity of the fulness and completeness you felt at the same time. It’s almost like trying to describe the smile of a loved one, after a long journey of being apart. How does one fully communicate the appreciation, the joy , the absolute harmony of two souls connecting as one in just pure respect, adoration, love and at the same time the sense of relief that “yes, you are still in my life”? Well as crazy as it seems, I had one of those moments this morning, not with a reunion of the magnitude of reuniting with a loved one after a long journey apart. It was much simpler.

It was a moment of flow.

A moment where everything seemed easy. Where I was at one with my surroundsings. I was totally present in that momen. My mind was in a frame of total appreciation for the moment for what it was, without any competing interests or distractions making their way into the sanctity of that moment.

You see, my wife Denise and I sold our home, downsized to a townhouse in the downtown of Toronto recently, which puts us in close proximity to bike trails and the waterfront. I have made it my ritual to take a morning ride – sometimes to just clear my head and get centred, other times to bash on the pedals for a heart pounding workout. But today was different. I had one of those moments where I was in flow. My hands were relaxed on the handle bar, my legs were loose, yet I was very powerful. My body felt in sync with my machine below my legs- as if we were cutting through the air, unimpeded by anything other than the beauty of the surroundings before me. My body swayed through the turns in a majestic flow that was perfectly balanced, anticipating the nuances of debris on the pathway, people walking activity all abuzz around me. At other times I have felt frustrated with those distractions, simply wanting to “get away from it all”, and find somewhere else to travel. But not today. Today I was appreciative of every nuance of every person I saw and felt an appreciation for who they were as I whizzed past them on my ride. I appreciated and really took in the view, which at other times , although it was equally beautiful, my thoughts were so jammed with worries, fears, distractions, pressures or whatever, that I just did not take in the moment for what it was.

But not today. Today I was in flow.

When was the last time you were in flow or “the zone”? A time when you felt so present, that you could do anything you wanted? A time when you were so at one with your environment that you appreciated everything about it? A time when you were so productive that you accomplished more than you thought possible- and yet loved every minute of it and did it with ease. In fact, doing that very thing you were created to do?

Well that is possible. And it can happen with total clarity, more energy, more courage than you thought you had, more productivity and influence than you ever thought possible. Interested? It’s called High Performance Coaching. And I can help you get there with a proven system, used by entrepreneurs , global thought leaders and people just like you.