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reconnect with your curiosity


define your living space

John McCubbin

I have transitioned from the stress of city life

to the rustic, artistic and sensual life

of Prince Edward County…

and I can help you do the same!

For over 25 years, I have helped people make transition decisions in every area of their lives. As a former Investment Advisor, I helped clients make decisions that impacted generations to come. As a business consultant, I have helped business owners make strategic decisions that profoundly changed their personal and business lives. As a Real Estate Broker, I can help you make the transition from city to country life. It’s what I did. And you can too. Even if it’s just part-time!!

transition incorporates

all elements of life

John McCubbin

I have helped hundreds of people over the years navigate the process of transition in many areas of their lives. Transition is not a linear equation. It’s multidimensional. Transition incorporates all elements of life.

I have gone through several transitions myself, including the transition from city to country life.

a reformation

in the use of living space

by reconnecting

with your curiosity

John McCubbin

If you have a vision that involves transition, I can provide leadership at a time you need it most.

I am definitely not a one man show! Any transition involving real estate can be a complex matter. That’s why I have developed a team of experts to help create and execute your transition strategy.


real estate

list or buy your space


create your vision


build your vision

My exclusive process has been developed from years of helping hundreds of clients make big decisions regarding their business, investment assets, and lives including real estate.

Transition Strategy Process:

Assess your reality

Time has as much to do with the creation of your space as money does. We believe in investing time at the beginning of the process, before major decisions are made. We will help you come to terms with the reality of what you are trying to do and help you figure out how to do it. You will get the benefit of our expertise in personal and business coaching, consulting, finance, planning, real estate, design and construction.

Define your vision

As basic as it may seem, without a clearly defined vision, your plan is doomed to fail. Even if you don’t have all the answers, we will help you to define what you are trying to do and how much it will cost to achieve.

We will help you to incorporate all elements of real estate, financing, design and construction to clarify your definition of your vision.

Create transition plan

We will create a fully customized transition plan that will be fluid in nature. You will understand the need to pivot and why before the need ever arises.

Your transition plan will incorporate elements of real estate, design construction and finances. Plus other stuff that is sure to be discovered!

having clarity

brings confidence

We will then create a plan for you that incorporates all these elements to ensure you are clear about what direction you are going in and why.

Knowing the parameters of the variables associated with your transition will provide you with confidence and therefore clarity. When you have confidence and clarity, you are able to make wise decisions. You will release creativity and connect with your vision.

We will be there every step along the way to ensure that happens.

being clear and confident

will enable you

to release your creativity

and connect with your vision

Commit to the transition plan

Once you are clear and confident about the direction we have helped you navigate, we will begin the process of looking for the real estate that aligns with your vision. This step is really all about you and making sure you feel good about proceeding with anything.

Navigate the transition plan

We will negotiate for you the buying or selling of real estate. But that is really the one of the last steps in the process.

Assess the Risk

Once we find the real estate asset that fits your defined vision, we will help you to assess the risk of your decision. Our approach includes a series of preliminary technical audits of the property found. We will create a written report outlining potential deficiencies of the property. We will work with our design team to ensure the property is congruent with your vision. Once the property passes our rigorous due diligence, we will review with you for your assessment and agreement.

Negotiate the transition plan

Once we have determined the property is in alignment with your vision and meets our risk assessment parameters, we will negotiate the purchase or sale of your real estate assets.

Implement the transition plan

We will help you implement all the details required to get the deal done. Our many years of experience in real estate, finance, design and construction will ensure you are able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to achieve your vision.

Let’s start the process of creating your vision!


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