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As I write this post at midnight, I have to admit I am blurry eyed, frustrated and to say the least- pissed.
At myself, technology and the fact I didn’t get to ride my bike when the sun was shining today.
I have been working on a project all day today that forced me into the technical aspects of web design and technology, which, I have to admit, doesn’t really turn me on.
As an entrepreneur who loves to create, today was like being caged. I literally felt myself pacing and my body temperature rising with the internal rage of someone looking to escape. But how? The problem needed to be solved.
Welcome to running your own business.
I know that technology has it’s ability to drive my business to the heights of efficiency and utopian ideals of a cash flow machine that spits out dollar bills into my bank account. But today, my creativity in the process gave way to the absolute horror of what Go Daddy termed a “Permalink Break”.
If you have ever been involved in website development, to the ears of a marketing guy, it’s the equivalent of “which colour wire do I cut” so that the bomb doesn’t go off in your face! Not a good moment.
But you know what’s really cool about this whole thing? I ended up dealing with a really great support person (i.e. had the patience of a saint), who was able to talk me off the ceiling. No easy feat after several mind numbing hours of coding, widgets, menus…blah, blah, blah. The result? Problem fixed. Thanks James from Go Daddy. You rock dude.
Not only that, I got to do what I do best before going to sleep. Create.
Thanks for being part of the journey and listening to my rant. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll get how I have felt like a caged animal all day. If you’re not, maybe not so much.
Time for bed. You are awesome!