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I hate administrative tasks. But I love being an entrepreneur.

This morning I had the wonderful privilege of updating my Mac software and operating systems. It was “supposed to” have been done last night while I was busy snuggling my wife and dreaming of all the great things today holds.

But then that darned message popped up- restart now to update (or some such techno gobbledegook). So I hit the restart now button. Thirty minutes later, my world started again.

Gave me time to pay some bills, check emails (thank God for iPhones!).

But I lost my creative edge. I had been busily doing social media blogs and thinking about what inspirational message to craft here today.

I literally felt a slump developing because I hate administrative tasks.

But, true to the message I had been pontificating about in my social media up to that point, I decided to take a stand for my dream.

I became thankful. Thankful that I had a business. Thankful I had revenue from that business to pay the bill I just paid. Thankful that my message is bringing hope to a hopeless world. Thankful that the entrepreneurs who have come to rely upon me have placed their trust in me. Thankful that I had an amazing time of spiritual connectedness to my God this morning and for that great cup of coffee I had.

Thankful simply that today is full of opportunity.

What are you thankful for?